Business Visa

What is a business visa

What is a business visa?

A business visa is one of the ways of obtaining residency in South Africa. It does not only refer to starting or setting up your own business, but it also refers to you working within the business yourself. A business visa is different from an investor’s visa. An investor’s visa refers to investing money into a business, which you do not wish to work in. A business visa refers to a business which you yourself are a part of and work in.

Who can apply for a business visa to South Africa?

Anybody who wishes to set up and run their own business within South Africa and who also is seeking temporary or permanent residency could apply. The business itself can be a start up, a purchased company or even a partnership. It is important to fully understand the full list of criteria’s, rules and regulations with regard to setting up a business in South Africa.

What should I know about applying for a business visa to South Africa?

In order to even be considered for a business visa, you are going to need to get fully up to date with all the requirements. It is important to meet each and every single one of them fully. This is where an immigration consultant can come in very useful as they have vast knowledge and experience in this regard.

In order to be eligible for a business visa in South Africa, applicants should be fully aware that there is a capital equivalent or cash investment that needs to be met. A detailed and practical business plan needs to be submitted.

What is the first step in obtaining a business visa?

The very first step in obtaining a business visa for South Africa is to establish your eligibility. Many people waste substantial amounts of time, energy and money trying to create a business plan before even establishing if they are eligible or not.

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