Relative’s visa

What is a relatives visa

What is a relative’s visa?

A relative’s visa is geared towards anybody who is a first of kin or a second of kin and who wants to live in South Africa. Please be aware that the paperwork for a first of kin is different to that of a second of kin. You will be required to apply under either one of these categories.

A first of kin relationship refers to a parent, child, husband or wife. A second of kin relationship refers to a grandparent, grandchild, brother or sister.

Who can apply for a relative’s visa to South Africa?

In order to apply for a relative’s visa to South Africa, it is imperative for you to be either a first of kin or a second or kin to a South African citizen or alternatively a permanent resident holder.

It is important to be aware that first of kin relatives are able to apply for both temporary and permanent residency where as second of kin can only apply for a temporary residence.

What should I know about applying for a relative’s visa to South Africa?

The relatives permit is different to that of a relative’s visa. While the relative’s visa does not allow for the holder to work or operate a business, a relative’s permit on the other hand affords applicants nearly all the full rights of a South African citizen as they are awarded full and permanent residence. This will allow you the freedom to work study and own a business at your own leisure.

What is the best step forward?

The best step forward is to first assess if you qualify or not. One of the best ways to learn more and to gain a better understanding of the process in its totality is to consult with an immigration consultant who has years of experience helping people obtain relative visas for South Africa.

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