Buying Property In South Africa

buying property in South AfricaThe selection of a new property is always a daunting task, even more so when in a foreign country. InsideSA is pleased to offer its property sourcing service, for buying property in South Africa.

As in most countries, it is worth noting that South African estate agents act in the interest of the seller. This is where InsideSA is different – we do not stock property or act on behalf of sellers, only buyers, lessees and investors can make use of our services. This means our service is independent and impartial.

InsideSA acts as your professional advisor, guiding you through the house purchase process from start to finish, making buying property in South Africa as simple as possible.

Our service is a four-step process:

Step 1:

InsideSA conduct an in-depth needs analysis, which includes things such as:

  • Advice and help on deciding a budget and method of financing.
  • The physical requirements of the property, for instance the number of bedrooms or style of accommodation.
  • Location – where in South Africa, what amenities need to be close by, and so forth.

Step 2:

InsideSA help you refine your search by providing feedback on what you may expect for your money, local amenities and actual examples of properties currently on the market that match your criteria.

Step 3:

A member of the InsideSA team will arrange a tour of the neighbourhood you have selected, sharing useful information on schools, doctors and other amenities in the area at the same time.

Step 4:

InsideSA will arrange viewings on appropriate properties and, when you make your final decision, assist with formulating the offer and advise on the legalities of the house buying process.

Finding out more about buying property in South Africa

To further discuss the InsideSA service offering and to find out more about buying property in South Africa, please feel free to give the team a call. You can reach us in Cape Town on +27 (0) 21 424 2460 or in Johannesburg on +27 (0) 11 234 4275. It will be our pleasure to help you find your dream home.