Work Visa

Work Visa

What is a work visa?

A work visa offers many opportunities for people who are wishing to live in South Africa as well as obtain legal and ethical work. The regulations around work visas aims to provide a balance between ensuring that local South Africans are recruited as far as possible but also to recruit workers from abroad who can fulfill skill shortages and requirements.

Who can apply for a work visa to South Africa?

Anybody who wishes to live and work in South Africa and who meets the specific requirements can apply for a work visa to South Africa.
There are two types of work visas, mainly where the applicant has a job and another where the applicant doesn’t have a job. In each of these instances there are further categories and requirements which need to be met. It can all get somewhat tricky and this is why the use of an immigration consultant can come in very handy.

What should I know about applying for a work visa to South Africa?

In order to apply for a working permit for immigration purposes, all criteria’s need to be met fully. It is highly advisable to first find out if you are eligible prior to arranging anything else. A knowledgeable and experienced immigration consult would be able to help you in this regard, fortunately for you this may increase your chances of success, as well as decrease your chances of wasting your time, energy and money.

Will my family be able to come with me if I successfully obtain a work visa to South Africa?

One of the most common questions asked by people, who wish to obtain a work visa, is if their family is allowed to come with. The answer is that in many instances partners as well as dependants may accompany holders of work visas. However this does not mean that partners are allowed to study, work or run a business.

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