Spousal and Life Partner Visa

Spousal and Life Partner Visa

What is a spousal and life partner visa?

A spousal visa/permit is for immigration to South Africa in the case of a husband or wife of a South African citizen or permanent residence holder who wishes to immigrate to South Africa. In the same manner, a life partner visa/permit is for a life partner of a South African citizen or permanent resident.

The fundamental difference is that a visa is granted on a temporary basis and is normally only issued for 2-3 years; this is opposed to a permit which is for permit residence and allows for a full lifetime stay in South Africa.

Who can apply for a spousal and life partner visa to South Africa?

If you are a spouse or a life partner of a South African citizen or permanent residence holder, then you may apply to come and live in South Africa. It is imperative for you to be aware of the fact, that you will need to be able to prove that you have been married or together for a period of five years in order to qualify to be able to apply for permanent residency. However it is possible to be able to be granted temporary residency before this time period.

What should I know about applying for spousal and life partner visa to South Africa?

The good news is that a spousal or life partner visa gives you a wonderful advantage in terms of studying, working and even opening up your own business. If you are a foreigner who is married to or in a relationship with a South African, all that is required is an endorsement to the visa.

If you obtain a spousal or life partner permit, the good news is that you are now a permanent resident, so no endorsements will be required and you will be free to work study or open a business just like every other legal citizen in South Africa.

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What happens if we are a same sex couple?

If you are a same sex couple the process is exactly the same. In fact South Africa is a very diverse and open country which fully supports the rights of same sex couples.

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